Gamecube Nostalgia

 Posted by on May 15, 2012  Tech & Gaming
May 152012

I remember the day my brothers and I received a Nintendo Gamecube.  It was Christmas morning, 2002, and my family still lived in Miami, Florida.  The Gamecube was the “grand finale” gift, and we spent the rest of the day rotating turns on Super Mario Sunshine. Despite our shared love of the system (we spent innumerable afternoons playing Super Smash Bros. Melee with the other kids in the neighborhood), I didn’t beat Super Mario Sunshine until 2009.  One day that year, I went down to the basement of our house in Pennsylvania, re-discovered the system and game, and beat it within a week.  “Closing” that unfinished childhood memory was a conflicting feeling, and reminded me of all the games I had left incomplete.

I downloaded Dolphin, a Gamecube emulator, a few weeks ago.  I’ve worked with emulators in the past, but most have been for Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color/Advance, and Playstation.  I’m currently playing through Metroid Prime, another “unfinished chapter” of my childhood.  Just booting up the game brought back a resurgence of memories: the thrill of visiting an alien world, fear of the monsters around the corner, and the excitement of taking down a tough boss.  I’ll probably beat the game with 100% completion within a week, just by playing in my free time.  I can’t recommend it more.  The emulation software is excellent (it supports resolutions higher than the standard 480p offered by the Gamecube) and I’ve been using a USB Xbox 360 controller, which works very well.  If you’re seeking a nostalgia rush, Dolphin can’t be beat.

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