Finishing Up Plebe Year

 Posted by on May 8, 2012  West Point
May 082012

Seventeen and a butt days until recognition for the Class of 2015.  It’s been a long journey, but we’re almost through.  I haven’t updated this website since I revised it over Winter Break, but I want to get started again.  I figure there’s no better time than right now; there are only three days of classes left, the teachers have run out of work to assign, club and sports practices have ended, and we seem to spend our evenings in the barracks watching movies and playing games as we try to ignore the looming Term-End Exams (TEEs).  Here’s what’s coming up for me for the foreseeable future:

  • 14-17 May: I have five TEEs (History of the Military Art, Psychology, Philosophy, Physics, and Differential Equations)
  • 17-20 May: I’m going to try to visit a friend on Cape Cod for TEE leave
  • 20-26 May: Graduation Week – 0400 wakeups and lots of drill…
  • 26 May: Graduation for the Class of 2012 – I’m released for Summer Leave
  • 26 May – 3 June: Leave – I’ll probably spend most of it at our lake house in NJ
  • 3 June: I report back to West Point for two days of preparation before Air Assault School at Camp Smith, NY
  • 5-15 June: Air Assault School (Something to go on the uniform…)
  • 16-30 June: Leave – I’ll probably go down to VA, and will fly out to Texas with the family to see my brother taped for NPR
  • 1-27 July: Cadet Field Training at Camp Buckner – Summer camp with guns or four weeks of hell in the field (depends on who you ask)
  • 27 July – 15 August: Leave – probably split between NJ and VA, maybe flying out to CO to see the family at some point
  • 16 August: School reconvenes at USMA, I get a plebe, and the grand cycle begins once again…

Since coming to West Point, I’ve become pretty good at planning out my life.  My agenda tells the story; success at West Point during plebe year (especially during Beast) is largely a matter of being “in the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform.”  It seems to eliminate a lot of low-level thinking, and helps you focus on classes, PT, or ways to finagle an extra nap into your day.

Signs of the year’s end are everywhere.  My room hasn’t been inspected in over a month, the Firsties don’t seem to care about anything except plans for Graduation Week, and everyone else is “checking out” in anticipation of the summer on the horizon.  Five tests, a week of drill practice, and one graduation ceremony, and we’ll be a full quarter of the way through our journey.

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